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How to Setup a Professional Email Address

Setting up a professional email address is easy and the time taken choosing your name will be time well spent. The name you choose will be the domain name that you register. Getting the right domain name is extremely important as it can be costly to change later once you have printed all your business cards and stationery.

Below, we have detailed a few things to consider. If is all sounds a bit daunting just give us a call on 01851 830 702 and we will be pleased to advise and help


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So how do I set up a professional email account?

It's simple


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Purchase the domain name

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Tell everybody your new email address and get your
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What is a Professional Email Address

A professional email address is an email address which is based around either your company name or it's products or services, as opposed to Examples of professional email addresses would be or

Why do I need a professional email address?
When prospective customers are looking to buy something from you they need to be sure that you or your company are professional and trustworthy. Many companies use hotmail or gmail accounts because they are easy to set up and they don't need to reveal their true identity.

Many spammers use hotmail and gmail accounts to flood the internet with spam which another reason to seperate yourself from the spammers by having a professional email address. Having your company name in your email address will give your customers greater confidence to trade with you.

How Do I choose a Professional Email Address
When choosing a domain name for your email address, you should consider the following:

The domain name should relate to your company or its products
It may be that later you are planning a website using the name and it would be good if the name contains something that a prospective customer may use when searching Google or other search engines.

The name should be short.
The shorter the better. Short domain names are easier for people to type and remember.

Avoid Domain Names containing words which people find difficult to spell
It will not be possible to meet all the above criteria in every case but the above advice is worth thinking about. One solution may be to have one short domain name for your email address and another domain name for your website which reflects the products or services you provide. This is particularly advisable when the company name does not relate to their products or services